I am a Brazilian-born photographer based in London, specialising in interior, cultural and architectural objects and spaces.

Living and working in two different countries has taught me to continuously explore new ideas, inspirations and innovations within my work. I have been based in two important urban centres – São Paulo and London since 2015 – where cultural and heritage, interior and architectural photography are constantly progressing and exciting fields to work in. This has encouraged me to always be creative in my work, keeping abreast of new technologies and always seeking out new challenges for myself and my practice.

In my work, I implement visual strategies that relate directly to my projects and their briefs, which I consider meticulously and precisely, while retaining these photographic values. With this at the core of my practice, I am able to respond to the briefs in a nimble and intuitive manner, which can be seen consistently in my commissions.

Another important aspect of my work is my meticulous attention to details and client-centred approach that comes from concept through to completion of assignments. My ability to interpret a client’s demands and desires and translate them into photographs is a skill that I have cultivated expertly.

Clients: Heatherwick Studio . Lime Build . Kristin Metho . Increation Interiors . Luma Concept Hotel . Portico . Viver Bem magazine . Buji Decoração Possível . Folha de S. Paulo . Unilever magazine . Bold Conteúdo . Vital Magazine . Estação Gourmet magazine . Paço das Artes . Instituto Museu Camilo Dos Santos

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